The best baby carrier for a plus size mom. How to find the best baby carrier that is best for a plus size mom? Which criteria does a comfortable plus size mom baby carrier has to meet? Comparison of the best baby carrier, wraps, slings, and brands that are meeting the needs of a plus-size mom.

The Best Baby Carrier for a Plus Size Mom

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Carrying your little one in a sling or baby carrier brings significant benefits for both mom and baby. Many moms struggle with extra pounds after pregnancy (like I did). In order not to be discriminated against at this point, discover in this article how you can find the best baby carrier for you, which especially meets your requirements as a Plus Size Mom.


Why should you want a Baby Carrier?

For you, as a mom, there are lots of benefits having a baby carrier or baby wrap around.

  • Your baby is crying less and is calmer.
  • Beneficial for neural and social development. 
  • It can remedy the symptoms associated with colic and provide relief.
  • Significant reduction of “flat-head-syndrome.”
  • Behavioral benefits – Close interaction between mom and baby is shaping the behavior
  • Baby wearing supports the healthy development of your baby’s hips (reduces the risks of hip dysplasia) and back.
  • Opportunity for moms to provide closeness
  • Physiological benefits for the mom
    • Increased oxytocin levels lead to easier breastfeeding and potentially lower chance of postpartum depression.
  • Healthier for the mom’s spine
  • You have your hands free as a mom
  • You save money
    • A baby carrier/wrap is less expensive than a stroller.
  • Public breastfeeding is getting easier.
  • It’s easier to lose weight after pregnancy.
  • No restrictions where you CAN go with a baby carrier versus a stroller. (e.g., no issues with stairs or something like that)

(Resource: Dynamic Chiropractic)

The benefits are quite remarkable, right?

Baby Carrier Comparison Guide

Once you have decided that baby wearing is the right thing for you, it comes to the decision-making: which is the best baby carrier/wrap for me? That can get quite difficult sometimes.

First, you have to know which criteria the best baby carrier has to meet. Every mom, not only being plus size, has to look out for a carrier that suits your body perfectly. It took me a while back then to find a suitable baby carrier and wrap. But after I found the right one, it was a blessing, and I loved all those benefits.

To give you the satisfaction and the benefits of baby wearing, I’ve created this ultimate guide to buying a baby carrier or baby wrap that is best for you. It also includes reviews of the best suitable carriers/wraps that meet your requirements.

Baby Carrier Comparison Chart

NameTypeItem WeightBaby Weight RangePrizeWhere to Buy?
Didymos Meh DaiMeh Dai Carrier1.84 pounds (ca. 835 gram) 7-44 lbs$$$Amazon
Moby WrapWrap1.32 pounds (ca. 599 gram) 8-35 lbs$Amazon
Solly Baby Wrap Wrapn/a7-25 lbs$$Solly Baby
Tula Free-to-grow Baby CarrierFull buckle Carrier1.65 pounds (ca. 748 gram)7-45 lbs$$Amazon
Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier Cool Air MeshFull buckle Carrier1.70 pounds (ca. 771 gram) 7-45 lbs$$Ergobaby
Baby K’tan Original Carrier WrapWrap1.3 pounds (ca. 590 gram) 8-35 lbs$Baby K’tan
Beco GeminiFull buckle Carrier1.63 pounds (ca. 739 gram)7-35 lbs$$$Beco Babycarrier
Líllébaby Complete All SeasonsFull buckle Carrier2.5 pounds (ca. 1,134 gram)7-45 lbs$$$Líllébaby
Moby Buckle Tie Soft CarrierMeh Dai Carrier1.76 pounds (ca. 798 gram) 15-45 lbs$Amazon
Líllébaby Tie the Knot Wrap IIWrap0.98 pounds (ca. 445 gram) 7-33 lbs$Líllébaby
Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby CarrierRing Sling0.88 pounds (ca. 399 gram) 8-35 lbs$Amazon
Boba Wrap ClassicWrap1.76 pounds (ca. 798 gram)7-35 lbs$Boba

What different Baby Carriers are there?

Baby carriers are classified as follows:

Full buckle Carrier

Is a baby carrier that you don’t have to tie. The hip belt and straps are solely adjustable with buckles. 

That makes it very quick to put on since you don’t have to adjust it every time you carry your baby around.



Meh Dai (Mei Tai) Carrier

A Meh Dai, is a baby carrier where you have to bind the waist and shoulder straps. As distinguished from the full buckle carrier, the straps of the Meh Dai are tied crosswise on the back.

The significant advantage of tying this carrier is that it’s way more adaptable to every mom/dad and baby size. The straps are long enough to accommodate plus-size parents too. It is a soft structured carrier, without hard plastic parts on the carrier itself and makes it one of the most comfortable baby carrier versions available.

An example of a Meh Dai my baby-carrying-consultant, and I highly recommend is the Meh Dai Baby Carrier from Didymos.



Onbuhimo (short Onbu) Carrier

The Onbu is a back baby carrier WITHOUT a waist belt. A special design for pregnant moms.

As an example of a high quality Onbu: the DidyGo from the company Didymos.



Hybrid Carrier

A Meh Dai and a Full Buckle Baby Carrier in one where you can switch from the Meh Dai to the Full Buckle wearing option by adjusting the buckles in a few simple steps.

In the beginning, when your baby is still small and light, it’s recommended to have a carrier you with crossed back straps. So you’ll adjust the Hybrid Carrier like a Meh Dai with crossed back straps. Your baby is wrapped up wonderfully, and the lower back has excellent support.

If your baby then gets bigger and heavier, the pressure on your shoulders might become uncomfortable. Now you can switch from the Meh Dai to the Full Buckle wearing option by adjusting the buckles in a few simple steps! Now the weight is better distributed to your hips and shoulders. Awesome!



Ring Sling Carrier

The Ring Sling is a ring carrier that can be put on quickly for wearing it over one shoulder. It has two rings at one end, through which you can pull the sling into, and in no time at all, your baby can sit on your hip.

There is also the option to carry your baby across your chest.

It is ideal for walking short distances, having your hands free while cooking, for calming your baby down at night or when your baby doesn’t want to fall asleep, and you want your arms to rest a little.

A great example for a Ring sling carrier is the Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling.



Baby Warp/Sling Carrier

The sling itself is the most original and best form of carrying a baby, but it has a flat learning curve. 

There are two types of fabrics for a baby wrap carrier: elastic and non-elastic / tightly woven.

You should use the elastic sling (e.g. the Boba wrap carrier) ideally in the first months. The baby is during that time still tiny, and light and the sling is comfortably soft.

However, when the baby gets bigger and heavier, the tightly woven sling should be preferred because it offers your baby better support. Besides, it is more comfortable for the wearer, since it doesn’t put as much strain on your shoulders and back.



The most precious thing you ever get to wear is your baby.

Baby Carrier Buying Guide for a Plus Size Mom

When thinking about which baby carrier to buy, you should ask yourself upfront the following questions before making your decision.

What do you want to use the baby carrier for?

    • Exercise
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning the house
    • Soothing your baby
    • Going for a walk
    • Shopping
    • Doctor appointments
    • Hiking

If you are going to need your baby carrier only for short distances or temporary at home, aim for a baby carrier that you can buckle on quickly and easily.

Or are you more the kind-of-person who likes to go for walks or hikes, go shopping or do sports with your baby? Then both a baby wrap and most kinds of baby carriers will be suitable for you.

Would you like to ditch a stroller entirely and use only a baby carrier?

Nowadays, many moms renounce the pram entirely and only have one or more baby carriers as a replacement. Here you should think about how much a pram plus baby carrier will cost and in comparison a baby carrier and sling to avoid spending too much money.

Do you have to use your car with your baby a lot?

It might seem like a weird question, but if you are going to need your car very often, you might consider a baby carrier that is very fast to buckle on. There is nothing more frustrating than standing outside of your car, tying like a raving loony, and your baby is becoming more upset every minute.

Do you want to use different baby carriers optimized for various purposes?

In an ideal world where the money is not an issue, you use the right baby carrier for every different situation.

It starts with two different slings: an elastic one for the first months, afterward a tightly woven one.

If it has to go fast, a baby carrier with buckles and when at home a ring sling.

But who has that luxury?

To approach this ideal, to find the middle ground, I recommend the combination of a ring sling for home use and a baby carrier (Fullbuckle, Meh Dai or Hybrid) for all other occasions.

Wanna learn how to tie a baby wrap, or are you preferring a “quick to put” carrier with buckles?

Here your character comes into the picture. If you think you are an impatient person, it is not advisable to choose the most time-consuming way to attach a baby carrier. Therefore, a sling is out of place here.

A good middle ground is the Meh Dai, which has the advantages of a sling, but you can strap it on much faster.

What is your budget for a baby carrier/wrap?

When it comes to baby carriers/wraps, there is a wide range of prices. It ranges from $30 to $200. Slings are always in the lower price category compared to baby carriers.

If you are confident handling a sling in any situation (maybe even not having a stroller at all), the wrap is particularly favorable.

Baby carriers, which you can use for a very long time (up to the higher infancy), will save money as well.

Additional requirements for plus size moms

As a plus-sized mom, you definitely wanna lookout for a baby carrier with adaptable straps. A good example is a Meh Dai carrier, where you have straps you can tie.

Or you could take a baby wrap, which is the most adjustable of all.

After my little girl was born, I tried the baby wrap for a few weeks, but never got comfortable with it. That’s why I got a Ring Sling and a Meh Dai.

Together they were a perfect fit for me. Ring Sling at home, and the carrier for everything else. I loved it.

Today, my daughter is three and a half years old. When going hiking or to the zoo, and my daughter is getting tired, I am still using my carrier. 

A soft fabric adapts to plus size wearers much better than a less supple one and is much more comfortable to wear.

What is the Best Baby Carrier to Buy?

You may now ask yourself, what is the best baby carrier for plus size moms? In my opinion, the Meh Dai Baby Carrier from Didymos is the best baby carrier for plus-sized moms. There is no way you wouldn’t be satisfied wearing such a high-quality carrier!

It is the perfect carrier for newborns to preschool age and supports the baby in an ideal ergonomic position.

The baby carrier is made without buckles, which makes it highly adjustable to all shapes and sizes. It’s 100% organic cotton, machine washable, and you can wear your baby on the front or back.

If you are looking for a high-quality baby carrier that adapts perfectly to your body, the Meh dai Baby Carrier by Didymos is what you want to have!



What is the Best Affordable Baby Carrier?

The best affordable baby carrier that fulfills all your needs is the tightly woven baby wrap from Moby.

It is important here that it is the tightly woven sling and not the elastic one. You can use the tightly woven one easily until toddler age. The elastic one is only suitable for newborns in the first few months!

The Moby Wrap is made from 100% cotton, is comfortable to wear, inward (front and hip carrying positions), and usable from 8-33 lbs.



Baby wearing is like wearing a hug. 🙂

Top 10 Baby Carriers and Wraps for a Plus Size Mom

You’re not sure if it should be the Didymos Meh Dai baby carrier or the Moby Wrap? Then check out the top 10 list I’ve created for you below. 🙂 All of them are top-rated carriers and wraps.

Baby Wrap from Solly Baby

One of the best tightly woven baby wraps you can buy is from Solly baby.

It’s made from 100% certifies Lenzing modal (sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees) and sewn in Los Angeles.

It is designed for babies up to 25 pounds and the universal fit is perfect for plus size moms as well as for every other mom. 😉



Tula Baby Free-to-grow Baby Carrier

The Tula Baby Free-to-grow baby carrier is a full buckle and adjustable from newborn to toddler age. According to the manufacturer, the waistband can extend to 57″. You can use this carrier from 7-45 lbs, it’s easily adjustable, no infant insert needed, made from 100% cotton and usable for front and back carrying. 



If you live in a hot area, the Tula Explore Coast Mesh Carrier might be more suitable. The large mesh panel provides extra ventilation for optimal breathability.

Adapt Baby Carrier Cool Air Mesh - Ergobaby

The Adapt Baby Carrier Cool Air Mesh from Ergobaby is a Fullbuckle Baby Carrier and adjustable from newborn to toddler age. According to the manufacturer, the waistband can extend to 52″. You can use this carrier from 7-45 lbs and is wearable as a front, hip and back carrier. 

What I particularly like about this baby carrier is that you can wear the shoulder straps crosswise too. I have always found this to be very pleasant, as the weight of the baby is distributed very evenly over the shoulders and back of the wearer. At the same time, the baby carrier feels more securely fixed. This contingency makes this baby carrier very powerful for exercising with the baby.



Baby K'tan Original Carrier Wrap

A baby wrap without wrapping? Yes! The Baby K’Tan Original Carrier Wrap, is a buckle-free cotton wrap that you can wear like a t-shirt. It is individually sized from XXS to XL. For finding the right size, Baby K’tan has a sizing calculator available on their website

Available in 100% Cotton or Organic Cotton, with a weight range from birth to 35 lbs, no hardware (no buckles, zippers, rings or snaps) and there is no newborn insert necessary.

Baby K'tan Active Baby Carrier



Beco Gemini

The Beco Gemini is a very stylish, full-buckle 4-in-1 baby carrier with a breathable 3D mesh vented panel for excellent airflow. 

Usable from 7-35 lbs, and  fits parents from XS to XXL. Beco provides waist belt extenders too, if necessary. 

The built-in headrest helps to support your baby and adds height.



Líllébaby Complete All Seasons

An excellent example of a full buckle baby carrier is the Líllébaby Commplete All Seasons, which is highly recommended by baby-wearing-consultants.

It is an all seasons baby carrier that can be used from 7 to 45 lbs. It is versatile and usable from birth to toddler age. 

What I find outstanding about this baby carrier is that it can be adapted to the baby and the person carrying it in many ways.

The seat is adjustable and supports the baby’s hips and spine. The baby carrier has a built-in height option, softly padded shoulder straps (can be carried crosswise as well as in a backpack style), the waist belt is ergonomically shaped and all materials are 100% cotton.

Its zip-down front panel gives the option to control the baby’s temperature by revealing a breathable mesh.



Moby Buckle Tie Soft Carrier

The Moby buckle tie carrier is a Meh Dai Carrier with buckles for the waist belt and long shoulder straps to tie crosswise. 

This low-cost baby carrier can only be used from 15 lbs (up to 45 lbs). This means that you will have to buy another baby carrier or sling in addition, as your newborn is too small for this baby carrier initially!



Líllébaby Tie the Knot Wrap II

The tie the knot wrap II is a classic, comfortable and stylish wrap carrier. It’s breathability and moisture control makes this wrap very pleasant to wear. 

The unique neck support pocket can hold a rolled cloth and gives your newborns neck an extra support.

It is suitable from newborn to baby and toddler (7-33 lbs).



Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier

My beloved ring sling for home. Even if it is not suitable for sports with the baby, the Ring Sling is a beautiful way to have your baby at home with you. (Easy, safe and fast). It was especially useful for me during the night when my little daughter had trouble sleeping, and I wanted to give my arms a short break.

What I particularly like about this ring sling is the fabric. Bamboo combined with Linen.

Bamboo is a stunning fabric. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, highly absorbent, and controls moisture supremely. The bamboo fiber itself improves ventilation in warm weather and provides insulation in the cold, making it usable all year round. It also offers UV protection.

Linen is non-allergenic, suitable for summer (cooling effect) and winter (warming effect).

The Nalakai Ring Sling is suitable from 8 to 35 lbs. 



Boba Wrap Classic

A comfortable baby wrap for babies from birth to 35 pounds. The Boba wrap is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which gives the wrap a small amount of stretch. 

In my opinion a great wrap for the beginning, but should be replaced later on with a non-stretchy wrap or baby carrier. 



The Bottom Line

These twelve baby carriers/wraps are all highly recommended. No matter which one you choose, you will have your joy with one of these and, therefore, your baby as well.

If you wanna be well-equipped for different eventualities, I recommend a combination of a baby carrier or wrap and a ring sling. They complement each other perfectly, and the ring sling is simply the best choice when you need to be quick. 

For sports or when you are out and bout with your baby, use a baby wrap or baby carrier.

And now, have fun browsing! 🙂


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The Best Baby Carrier for a Plus Size MomThe Best Baby Carrier for a Plus Size MomThe Best Baby Carrier for a Plus Size Mom


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