That’s me

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Nora, born in the '80s and mother of a wonderful and sometimes very demanding little daughter.

In order to be able to give my daughter 100% attention in her first three years on earth, I opted for a two and a half year maternity leave model in 2017.

No matter whether baby swimming, Kanga-Training, playgroups, visits to the playground or other trips or just spending time together at home. Thanks to this long maternity leave, I was able to be with her and witness her growing up from a newborn into a “demanding young lady”. And all of that without stress or compromises. I am very grateful for that.

It was and is very important to me because this beautiful time just passes by so quickly, and you can only experience it once with your child.

Attached to my maternity leave, I now have a so-called “holiday without earnings” until early 2020. Since my daughter started kindergarten in September, and I wanted to be there without stress at this start.

From the beginning of 2020, the “normal” part-time version of my work will start again.

So if I’m not at home writing for you in the morning, playing and giggling with my daughter in the afternoon, and having time for my husband in the evening, then you can find me at our hospital’s nuclear medical department as a radiology technologist. 🙂

As you have noticed, English is not my mother tongue. But still, I want to write to you in English, so please forgive any mistakes on my part. I am trying very hard to improve. 🙂

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Why am I the ideal consultant for you?

Because I really enjoy helping people.


With this blog, I see it as my job to take care of you and to assist you with words and deeds.

It is important to me that you can start your pregnancy and “being a mom” with more knowledge than I had back then.

This will save you a lot of worries and headaches and will allow you to go through this wonderful time of being a parent in a relaxed manner.

I am a nosy person, always looking for opportunities for improvement, and I love to improve my skills.

I am a mom myself. I went through the highs and lows of the first years, I always looked for new products on expos and researched online, and I am interested in always finding the latest and most suitable products for you.

My medical education helps me to look at baby products and well-meaning recommendations from some manufacturers from a different angle. Be it in the areas of nutrition, child development, promoting posture, and keeping the small organism healthy.

ToBeMom should be a place for you, where you can learn everything about topics on the first child (from pregnancy to toddler age).

  • Clothing
  • Game ideas
  • Equipment
  • Recipes
  • and much more

If you are missing something, don’t hesitate to let me know! I would love to inform myself about the matter, and I am going to write a post about it.


Just email! I look forward hearing from you!

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xoxo Nora