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9 Diaper Changing Station Supplies that will make Your life Easier

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After your baby is born, you will spend a lot of time at the changing station. 🙂

In this article, you will find out which diaper changing essentials you are going to need to have a fully organized diaper changing station that will make your life as a diaper-changing-mom easier.

Diaper Changing Essentials

There are nine diaper changing essentials that are going to make your life easier. First of all, you will need a changing table and on top of it a changing pad. A changing table heater will make the process warm and pleasant for your baby, and the diaper pail will keep your home free of unpleasant odors. Diapers, of course, you are going to need plenty. Wet wipes and handkerchiefs for cleaning your little darlings diaper area, and the baby bottom cream will add the finishing touch. 🙂 And in the end, with a changing table organizer, you will have all necessities in arms reach. 


Diaper Changing Table

Since you will spend a lot of time in front of the changing table, not only for changing baby’s diapers but also for washing, changing clothes, baby massage, a.s.o., you wanna find the best diaper changing table that will suit your needs.


When you have to think about the best changing table, consider the location and the amount of space you have available.

Furthermore, you have to look out for proper fall protection on the sides and that the changing table itself is reliable. Nothing worse than a wobble rack that you’re afraid will collapse every time the baby moves a little!


As for the changing table location, it is advisable (if there is enough space) to place it in the bathroom. Very practical after the baby-bath and usually one of the warmest places in the flat / house.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible for us due to space constraints, and we had to place the changing unit in the nursery.

In my experience, the real disadvantage was that we had to relocate our daughter after bathing from the pleasant warm environment via a much cooler corridor to the more temperate nursery, which may have led to one or two more sniffles in the cold season.

Otherwise, we got along very well with this place.


If you want to use the changing table as a drawer, later on, some models can be converted. We have opted for such a model.

To make diapers change a little less stressful, I recommend using a music box or mobile as a distraction.

Changing Table Recommendations

There are three other diapers changing stations from IKEA that you may want to consider: Gulliver, Solgul and Sundvik.

Gulliver is particularly suitable if you have limited space. The two compartments still offer plenty of space to store all the necessities. An inexpensive variant for families looking for a baby changing station for a small room.

Solgul, a diaper changing table with two shelves and a top part to take off after your baby has grown out of it. IKEA has paid particular attention to safety with this changing table. The components are all non-toxic and all corners and edges are rounded. There is also enough storage space to store all the essentials.

Sundvik, a long usable diaper changing table with drawers. It can be converted into a chest with drawers when no diaper changing table is needed anymore.

Diaper Changing Pad

Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on this one. The pad offers a comfortable lying surface, and if a mishap occurs, you can clean it up quickly and thoroughly.

Mostly, there are diaper changing pad fabric covers additionally available, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

If something goes wrong during a nappy change, the fabric covers only make a quick change more difficult. We have always used extra-large Molleton cloths on top of the changing pad as an underlay. Those you can change quickly and wash easily in your washing machine.

Besides, they come in a variety of delightful and miscellaneous motifs. 😉

Needless to say, when buying a diaper changing pad for your baby, look out for the proper size. Ideally, you’ll get a changing pad with the same dimensions as the lying area of the changing table.

Additionally, the diaper changing pad should have margins on the side, to be as safe as possible.

Always make sure that there are no harmful substances in the changing pad.

Diaper Changing Pad Recommendations

There are also diaper changing disposable pads. I recommend taking them along in the diaper bag. They take up little space, are waterproof in most cases, cheap and just super convenient when you are out and about.

Changing Table Heater

When spending time with your baby, you should not forget to put yourself in their shoes from time to time.

Just imagine changing diapers:

Who would want for himself, being stripped naked, not being able to defend himself, or to tell the person, who is doing this, that you are feeling bloody cold and you’d rather have a change of pace here!!? 

If you want to spare your baby this feeling, take your time!

Nobody said you have to undress and dress the baby in record time. Be careful when changing nappies, first switch on the radiant heater so that it is cuddly warm before changing diapers, changing clothes, nursing, or a baby massage and then slowly start to undress.

Your baby will thank you for it.

A changing station heater is quite simply a beautiful thing. It makes the changing area cozy, your baby cries less, so you have more fun and less stress together there!

There are different models here. But my all-time favorite, the one we used for our little daughter, is the changing table heater from REER

It worked perfectly, and we are still using it during cold winter days after our daughter had a bath. To save space and achieve an ideal warmth effect, I would recommend a wall-mounted version to everyone. 

This one I highly recommend to all parents who want a long-lasting quality product at home!

Diaper Pail

Your little darling will produce a vast number of dirty diapers. To prevent an unpleasant smell from spreading in your apartment, I recommend an excellent diaper pail.

There are so many to choose from. Have a look at the Amazon diaper pail selection.

We have been particularly satisfied with the nappy twister from Tommee Tippee.


How does the Tommee Tippee work?

It’s straightforward. Insert a foil cassette (antibacterial) in the lid of the bucket. For disposing of a dirty diaper, put it through the opening in this plastic film, turn the closing mechanism, and seal the stinking diaper.

After the container is full and you want to get rid of its content, you will find a “pearl necklace” of sealed diapers in the bucket, and no smell will spread.

A wonderful invention, which I would not want to miss in any case!

I highly recommend buying the refill cassettes in packs of 6, too, as this is the cheapest way.


Yes, of course, you need diapers too! 😀

Especially here, parents and babies have to “discuss” the issue with each other.

The question already begins with: should it be a disposable diaper or do you prefer cloth diapers?

Since we have only used disposable diapers for our daughter I am writing exclusively about them here.

After my baby girl was born, we had been given some “diaper cakes” as a birth present—all filled with different varieties of Pampers diapers, which we could “test” thoroughly.

During my postpartum hospital stay, we started with the Pampers Premium Protection.

The fabulous thing about these diapers was for us unknowingly people, the “wet indicator strip” on the front of the diaper, which told new parents like us, whether the diaper was wet.

Practical for the beginning, because you get a feeling when you need to change the diaper and when you can wait.

By now, there is also a follow-up model: Pampers Pure Protection.

We also had the Pampers baby dry for trial: They showed their potential (when our daughter started moving more and more during her naps) because they fit very well and rarely got out of place.

Since we had a very agile baby, we had to switch soon to the Pampers Cruisers 360° from nappy size three on and stayed with them until she got “nappy-free.”

With those Pants, we had hardly any problem with the diaper slipping and leaking. I also found the elastic waistband just excellent. It is super soft, and when the tummy was full after drinking or eating, there was no squeezing and pinching.

A little tip: Since the diapers are not always shaped the same way despite the same size, we took advantage of this and changed the pants between Baby-Dry and Premium Protection Pants during certain growth phases. We felt that the Premium Protection Pants were shaped a little smaller, which helped a lot when changing from one size to another.

Since buying diapers is not a cheap undertaking, we quickly started ordering our diapers in monthly packs from amazon. That paid off financially, and I can recommend it to everybody!


If you still wanna know more about cloth diapers, read the “Cloth Diaper 101” article by Kangacare.

Wet Wipes

There are two different types of wet wipes: with and without lotion.

We preferred the wipes without lotion. On the one hand, we felt that the wet wipes with lotion left a sticky feeling on the skin (which was uncomfortable for us), and on the other hand, we used a baby-bottom cream after cleaning, which made a lotion in the wet wipe seem unnecessary in our eyes.

I also recommend buying in a bunch (as with the diapers) to save a few bucks.

For example:

Water Wipes Baby Wipes


Practically any handkerchief is suitable for dry dabbing after using the wet wipes. We quickly resorted to big bundles and bought tissue boxes to save some money.

Baby Bottom Cream

Nobody wants a red, sore bottom for their baby. It is very unpleasant and leads to an unhappy, whiny baby, and of course, none of us want that. With the baby-bottom cream, we followed our midwife’s advice and got the Calendula baby diaper rash cream from Weleda. I have to admit that we handled this very “religiously” at that time and creamed our little one’s nappy-area after every “big business.” Even if some might find this exaggerated, our daughter NEVER had a red bottom.

Diaper Changing Table Organizer

That’s a lot of stuff you want to have within reach at the changing table. So how do you manage to organize it well?

As the name suggests, a diaper-changing station organizer is needed.

There are also different possibilities here, which you can combine, depending on the changing table you have chosen.

There are wall-mounted ones, boxes, baskets, bags, and whatnot. For example, if you have a changing table with drawers, boxes are coming here very handy. The same applies if you have a shelf within reach.

Find in the following list some top-rated products so you can get a feel for what is available.

I would like to mention another accessory, even if it is only indirectly related to the changing table supplies, but with the diaper change itself, the diaper changing bag.

Diaper Changing Bag

Whether you are out on foot, with the stroller or in the car with your baby, you don’t want to miss a diaper changing bag.

You can hardly imagine what you will carry around with you when you’re out with your baby. Therefore, you want a LOT of space to stow in your diaper changing bag. 

Before my daughter was born, I thought, oh a diaper and some wet wipes, what else is there to take with me? 😀

My goodness, how I was wrong!

Today I walk with a full diaper bag that contains diapers, wet wipes, handkerchiefs, pacifiers, disposable diaper bag changing pads, spare clothes, something to drink, snacks, a bib, and a cloth diaper. 

That’s a lot of diaper bag supplies! 😀


So, what to look out for when buying such a diaper changing bag?

As mentioned above, you want: 

  • a lot of space to stow
  • stroller hooks to attach the changing bag quickly and easily to the stroller
  • lot’s of pockets to keep things organized
  • a shoulder strap, so you can carry it messenger bag style 
  • (ideally)a water-repellent wet compartment 

Additionally, you want a diaper changing bag that is nice to look at. Who wouldn’t like to be looking chic when out and about with the baby? 

All those features (and more!), you’ll get when you get yourself Lassig Women’s Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is my absolute favorite, and I have more than enjoyed using it. Therefore, I would like to recommend it to you as well. 

The Lassig Women’s Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag has all the characteristics of a fantastic diaper changing bag. PLUS a removable compartment for baby bottles, a mobile phone compartment, a key chain. In addition, there is a separate compartment on the outside for drinks, which keeps them warm or cold.

Simply stunning! And when the time for changing diapers is over, you can still wear this bag as a messenger bag or carry it as a handbag because it looks gorgeous!

Before deciding on this diaper bag, I looked at many others and compared them. In my opinion, none came close to this one in terms of practicality, quality, space, and chic.

The Bottom Line

By combining the products listed above for your well-thought-out, practical diaper changing station, you will create a changing area where nothing is missing, and everything is within reach.

As long as you always refill everything properly :D, you won’t be short of anything!

Changing diapers will be a relaxed child’s play for you and your baby!

I wish you a good start in your daily nappy changing routine!


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9 Diaper Changing Station Supplies that will make Your life Easier9 Diaper Changing Station Supplies that will make Your life Easier9 Diaper Changing Station Supplies that will make Your life Easier9 Diaper Changing Station Supplies that will make Your life Easier


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